Starting out with recycling

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If you have read the about me page you will have a little insight into what  ecofaithful is all about. I’m going on a journey in trying to reduce my waste by a lot – by shopping more wisely, recycling, reusing, refusing, rotting, and reducing.recycling paper, recycling plastic, composting

Firstly – I desperately wanted to recycle my rubbish. Period. Do it. Cause I wasn’t doing it at all, nothing – all of it was going to the dump. We as a family of 5 and a mother in law sent out 2 bins of rubbish a week. This fact all of a sudden scared me. There was so much I was tossing that could very easily be recycled! This was the easiest and quickest step to make that didn’t require purchasing anything or even going out.

Next, I needed all the bins. I got out a container that I hardly use for the compost (I also discovered that we have a compost corner! duh, just. too. lazy). I got a big bin which already had paper and newspapers that hadn’t been sent out to our pavement!!!!! It was full and I had just been dumping all the extra in our regular trash. Check!

Then I got one for the plastics! done! oh and we don’t go through much glass so I just carry that outside and will collect over a period of time! I really should drink more wine though… yes, that sounds like a plan – although I much prefer sherry!

My only dilemma was how am I going to easily get rid of the plastic as we live in a boomed off area and they don’t come around here. But then it dawned on me – I go to my mom on a Monday, and so do the recycling guys! Easy peasy – just leave it on her pavement. Check.

So that’s my simple recycling that I knew I could start immediately.

I already take bags of rubbish out less and the bag doesn’t smell anymore cause I also collect uneaten food etc or the dogs, and well the compost stays in its little incubator till it’s full.

Done, simple, difference made!

If you want to find out more about what can be recycled and where to take things check out this site.

Whats your biggest difficulty in recycling?