Shopping waste free just ain’t that easy!

Trying to go as waste free as possible in no easy task.

I think there will come a time when I can get it going really well. Kids eating homemade snacks and fruit so no need to buy them, meals just veggies hand sourced in my own bag, I think a lot less meat in our diet. I see us saving a lot of money in only buying the quality stuff that lasts longer, kitchen items, clothes, shoes esp, and only buying things we need, not want. That is a key right there in making less waste — do you really need it?

I don’t find myself going into hypermarket shops much anymore. There a few things needed there but its minimal these days and I love that!
I did have to shop this morning and this is what I got. Walk with me a while to explain why I made the choices I did. Read my article on first easy steps to shopping for tips.

From left to right:

waste wise shopping

Oil — need it for baking and making my own bread so until I can find a bulk supplier it just has to be.

Cheese — I bought some package free last time but I wasn’t happy with the actual cheese and it didn’t last very long, it spoiled quickly. I’ll try again another time. I plan on baking cheese snack crackers.

Jam — I wanted to buy jam in a glass jar but it was double the price 🙁 we can re-use tins very easily for craft, kitchen etc. I can also make my own!!!!

Crackerbread — my hubby cant eat gluten so this has to do some days when there is no leftover dinner for lunch. It’s not often but it happens.

Pasta — now this find I was very excited about. It’s in a box with only a tiny peephole made of plastic and this was super cheap! I may just go buy some more because I think it was on special, so I better. If we were all able to eat gluten I’d just make it myself but my pasta machine needs a service — not working too great! Homemade pasta is so much nicer — you should try it!

Sweeto — sometimes the only way to get the girls to drink is if its sugary! Sweeto is a much smaller plastic but lasts just as long as the other big bottle. Its super cheap and I use even less than needed so its not very sweet. I don’t know how I feel about the fake sugars, but it’s a small amount a day so??!

Peanut butter — a good staple – I chose the Black-cat only because of it being in glass. I’m a YUMYUM kinda gal but I made the switch, sorry YUMYUM but you can make the switch too!! I made my own the other day from package free peanuts! But I didn’t even try give it to the kids, its just not the same. I do use it in my smoothies though so that works.

Hot chocolate — this has replaced us eating chocolate slabs every night. Price was its cheaper than the many chocs a month and I can re-use the container and make no waste.

Oats — I love Jungle Oats because its just oats in a box. No other packaging. Yes! One day we will hopefully be able to find it in a bulk dispenser!

Fruit — the pick n pay weight and teller guys were very confused and weary of my own bags for the apples and bananas but I won the argument! He kept wanting to put it in the packet but I kept refusing saying I don’t want a packet.

Dish washing items — I was very excited about these. Bamboo is very very sustainable – so whenever you can – buy bamboo! Towels, kitchen ware, kitchen utensils, clothes etc, buy it over the plastic or synthetic material. It didn’t even cost much more than the plastic. SO like i said earlier getting better quality over price tag, and needing less stuff that clutters is much simpler. I hate gross cloths as well as the green and yellow sponges I’ve mentioned before, so I’m going to try this instead of cloths and still use the egg shells instead of steel wool! ps: the one in the pic is a drying cloth!

When I go to Food lovers market my purchases look more like this… all my own containers and bags. Only waste is the barcode labels.
Yes – that’s a baby marrow. It cost me R4 and fed us all. Feta is from the salad bar – you could get olives etc as well!

waste free shopping

SO for now i didn’t get it 100% correct but its a lot better than it could have been! We don’t all get it right but we try!

How have you thought about how you can change your thinking when it comes to shopping?

Any ideas for how i could have done it better?