Let it go

With the holiday season in our hands, it’s easy to let go of the fun season and come out with not having achieved much. I know I’ve felt that way before. Time goes fast and we busy ourselves with aimless things. We go out with the kids, do a little shopping – sales catch our eye and all of a sudden products end up in our trolley that we were fine without before putting it in, and that we didn’t really need in the first place. I know that was me not too long ago.

So, this season, with a little more time on my hands, no work to rush to, kids to get out a door or breakfast gulp down, I can take at least 10-20 minutes a day to go through a cupboard or drawer/s and sift through what I can keep and what I don’t need to hold onto anymore.

My sister is really good at giving items that haven’t been used in at least 3 months, and I often like to take that page from her book! Granted, some items won’t be ones that we use too often and we can still keep them, but there can be others that we are holding onto that are difficult to part with. I have been keeping a lady electric razor around that I have no idea where it came from! I’ve never tried new batteries till today to see if it even works (which it doesn’t, after all this time!). I have recently bought a double edge safety razor from Dischem that I love and so I finally tossed the electric one out to try and hopefully be fixed and loved by someone else.

I remember a show once on TV. It was about a crew that came into a house that needed some parting of a few too many items and took some things out and left a sticker where that item was. If the owner couldn’t remember what was there they couldn’t have it back. If they could remember then it was returned. It went on that they helped them to clean up and clear out a whole lot more than that.

I have a passion for wanting to help free people of holds they have on possessions, and would actually love to have a business where I go into people’s homes, into their lives for only a bit and help them be free of items holding them back from living a simple, uncluttered life. I tend to do this a little when I help people pack to move and then unpack… it’s a little problem I have – sorry guys – you know who you are. A few others have to put up with it more often, sorry, I’m only trying to help with what I feel is a good thing.

I find that often the personal belongings that are difficult to part with are gifts from people, especially close friends and family, they become sentimental items or we have a fear of being rude in giving it away! I know we give out of love and thoughtfulness, but that’s the thing about gifts, we all try go out and put thought into what you think someone needs or wants, or should have, and, with that, we persuade them that it’s better to have it. Could we maybe ask or suggest what is wanted or desired so as to avoid getting something we don’t really want, or need when giving a gift? That takes the fun out of gift giving, but being left with something we can’t fit into our lives is wasteful. I toyed with the idea of putting a wishlist on Faithful to Nature of items that ide love for Christmas and my Birthday and sending it out. I didn’t end up doing it but love some feedback on what you think about this idea?

Now please don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying I have it all right, and that I live the perfect uncluttered life, I’m far from that. I just know the freeing feeling of letting go.

I did this with my clothes recently, I don’t have a ton but I knew I could get rid of a few. It was  a good feeling being able to pass items onto someone who may have a better use for them. If I think of my mornings, I open, look, and take out. I don’t plan an outfit ahead of time thinking of what I have, I just go for it, based on the weather and where i’m going, so I really honestly don’t ever find myself looking for something I’ve given away

There is a “movement” called the ‘capsule wardrobe’. (It’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you completely LOVE to wear.) I had that in the back of my mind and went onto sorting my clothes out. These were my simple steps of elimination.

  • Take out what doesn’t fit.
  • Take out things that have holes and are far from mending (if it’s a favourite item look into getting it fixed rather than buying a new piece. You can patch holes with little doilies…
  • Take out things that you have not worn in 3 months! (within 1 season).
  • Take out things you don’t like but you are keeping for sentimental reasons (birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or even genera handouts).
  • Take out things that don’t actually match anything else – and therefore you don’t wear it!
  • Take out the out-of-season clothes and pack them away – they are just making clutter!
  • Done! Easy peasy. Do the same with shoes!
  • Move onto the kids cupboards!

All 3 of my girls share a room! It’s great and I love it. And I think they do too!

They each have 1 shelf for tops and bottoms and then the dresses hang up! 1 shelf they share that has their PJ’s, and another shelf for warmer clothes in case of a chilly day – only 3 items each of these pants and long sleeve tops. And then hanging space at the top for the jerseys and jackets! We are lucky enough to have a home with enough rooms for them each, but I love the idea of them learning to share, to be close, and, we will be moving into a home soon where they won’t be able to have their own, for their younger lives at least.

3 girls share 1 cupboard with more than enough clothes each.
Before and after 3 girls shoe cupboard. I gave away at least 20 shoes!

Visit the neglected, and even the often used, spaces in your home during the course of the holidays . Make a cup of tea (or coffee, Ive never enjoyed the taste of coffee), and ask the following questions.

  1. Is it broken?
  2. Do you like it?
  3. Do you use it?
  4. Do you really need it?
  5. How long ago did you use it?
  6. Do you enjoy it?
  7. Do you have time for it?

If your answer to 6 is yes and 7 is no then something else needs to happen in your life! Start doing things you love! That’s what life’s about, and that’s all for another article!

I will be doing these spaces (and have done some already) and will share them on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to follow.

Imagine starting the year off fresh, no extra things to take up space in your mind and busy your life by being in the way.

…happiness, contentment, and joy come from within—not from stuff or external circumstances…