Wet wipes

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SO another one of the easy first changes I made was making my own baby wet wipes! Yup, I chose to go the less convenient route to making a mixture, cutting wipes, and then washing and drying them.

Want to know why? A few reasons…

First – its always been a concern that I cant throw them in the toilet! So they get rolled up in the nappy and off they go. The biodegradable ones are more expensive – and this is a pure single-use item that is made to throw away! This also comes in packaging – and is that recyclable?

Secondly – although I doubt that they make super harsh chemicals for our baby’s bums – but there are still ones that are there – and are they drying out their bum, doing harm etc.

Thirdly – its something I don’t have to make sure I always have some of.

So I’ve kept the ones I already had for now – I use them in my going out bag and will give to the kid’s schools as they need them.

SO what did I use?

My smallest one that still has nappies is almost 2 now and doesn’t need those nice super soft receiving blankets, they are too small. So scissors in hand I chopped one up and it actually gave me quite a few. If you don’t have any, consider buying second hand at the charity stores and give it a good clean. You even end up having nice patterns, etc!

The mixture?

Looking at a lot of recipes I got the general idea as to what kind of ingredients to use. What I had on hand was – baby wash and baby oil. Things I didn’t have to buy! Oh and lavender oil… its one I had (I want to go essential oil shopping).
So they are soft and actually easier to use – it’s more sturdy than a flimsy wet wipe and you only need one at a time. I will use castile soap when I get around to buying it!

I rinse the poop ones straight away and collect them and wash them after the kid’s bath with soap and then hang to dry!

Viola! Easy, peace of mind and I don’t have to buy anything in particular for it again – and that’s it, simple.