Easy first steps to shopping wisely

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The next step I took was to start shopping more sensibly and cutting out the amount of plastic I was buying and using to buy. This is the first R – refuse to buy the waste we don’t need – the single-use waste that just gets crumpled and thrown into the rubbish. Yes – we can recycle some but that’s not the point – there are a lot of resources etc that are using in the recycling process as well as making those items recyclable. The less demand for it – the less it will become needed, the less it will be made.

And it’s a matter of just finding all the lightweight bags (those drawstring ones that make their way into the home) you have around the house, pillowcases, using old shirts and turning them into bags. You don’t have to go out and buy the fancy ones to start with! this is a long journey for life – you don’t have to jump right in the deep end! Trefuserust me!

My first trip to the shops I bought bananas in my own bag, a coconut, a sachet of milk, strawberries, and oranges that came in a bag that I could re-use when buying another veg another time. It was difficult for me to get the strawberries in the punnet but they were super cheap and it was my hubbies birthday and I wanted to make a cake with them on top. So they made it in. We need milk with young kids, so that’s a must – but my next plan is to get it straight from the dairy in my own jugs – and re-using the ones that milk comes in from the shop!

I do now keep my own shopping bags in the car as well as jars and containers (re-using hot chocolate containers for example is much lighter to carry around and the chance of breakage is less, and then you don’t have to recycle them!) I have done a shop at food lovers and got some dried peaches to become the sweets in the house instead of buying unhealthy sugar ones!

Tip – if you take the glass containers  – stick the price on the lids and not the glass as its sticks too well to the glass but it’s better on the lid. You could also stick them going up your arm! Haha. I Got some fresh bread in my own bag as well, it was delish.

When I did my next grocery shop I went to the grocer and tried to only get what wasn’t packaged and then the stuff that was in season and on special. I managed to get most things that way, and in my own bags etc. It’s quite liberating and fulfilling to shop like this – but I almost feel sick looking along the whole isle – esp the fridge isle in the grocer – it’s all shiny and blinking in cling wrap. I hope that together we can change this – even if it’s slow – we need to make this change! I never noticed this stuff before and maybe you haven’t either – and that’s ok – but think of this – you pay for plastic and poly trays and boxes – just to throw them away! That penny never dropped for me before now.

Happy shopping –  beware – it can become an addiction to shop like this – it’s a really great feeling and a lot of fun!

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