Buying online

SO I made my first online purchase for something “green”. It was very exciting doing the order! Then I forgot about it! Then I heard a hoot at the gate about 2 days later and jumped up realizing it was for me this time and not medicine! I ran!

faithful to nature free delivery

So my first purchase was toothbrushes! It’s the one product we have to use – there’s no way around it, except if you only rinse and floss but my dentist told me you have to brush! We also need to buy a new one every 3 months apparently, unless you stretch it longer to save money!

We can re-use them for cleaning small spaces of course, but how many times and for how long? They need to be thrown away sometime. How often do we remember to use them or are able to find them when we actually need them!

It was time for a new one! I went on Faithful to Nature and ordered these Natural family bio toothbrushes! I ordered 8! Ha yes- we are always going to need them! I bought lip ice, faithful-to-nature brand (which is very lovely with honey hints and so soft – the kids love it too!) so that my order was above R350 for their free delivery! I also got the R100 discount for signing up to their newsletters! Score! They also sent a free washing liquid and face cream sample! Yay for free items to try out!

bio toothbrushes nature friendly dish liquid

Now listen up – brushing teeth is not something I look forward to! Never – but I do it of course and it’s ok. I have to be honest to say that now I’m looking forward to bedtime just so that I can brush my teeth!

I got the medium bristles and it’s like this feeling I’ve never had before brushing teeth. I very excitedly told my hubby that he was going to like these new ones because he had just been given a new branded one and loves it because of the small head and the soft and delicate bristles. That’s what this one has! I can’t even find the words to explain how it feels but – brushing teeth is now a thing love! – and it’s a simple white brush – no branding so it could even look pretty on the sink – I may just move it from the drawer to sink just to show it off – to myself! Yes!

Next step – flossing with the good stuff too! – but that’s expensive – so it may take a while for me to get to that place.

Did I say I love this toothbrush?!

Natural family bio toothbrushes