About me

Are you Feeling a little overwhelmed lately? There are so many ads, selling so many different things, ploys that get you sucked into a pit of overspending on things you dont need, that clutter life, your home, you world and give it no passion and purpose! Do you feel tired, busy, eating badly, kids not eating as well as they should either?

You are in the same boat as me, friends. I’m on this new journey with a new passion sparked by some kind of lightbulb moment that crept into my spirit one day.

No matter where you are in your journey of discovering the simple life, this is a good place to be. Join me in my very non-perfect journey to buying more sensibly (which is so much fun and addictive – in a good way people), living a more clutter-free life, trying to be more zero-waste as possible (which seems like a hike up Everest with 3 kids would be much easier), living a farm life (when we get there – that’s a story for another day) and homeschooling my 3 girls (one day soon – which is another story).

I believe that together we can change the ways shops sell, people live and children play.

Yes, there are many blogs out there all saying the same thing, but that just means there is a need! We feel tired and stuck and like we are forever running a race. Follow me and the other blogs that speak to you and let’s do this together!

But who am I you ask?

My name is Heather Nell, I am currently a freelance designer. Me and my hubby have 3 beautiful, exceptionally different and amazing girls all under 6 years old. My life is by no means perfect but I’m hoping to get it to the place that God intended it to be, pretty soon, and I believe it was Him that planted this seed.

Why this blog then you ask? It started by my recent swoon over Pinterest, and the things I was pinning seemed to be how to make and reuse things we have, I’ve always had a passion for creating (graphic designer duh) since I was small. Then bam – within 1 month I was watching videos and looking at articles on zero waste – refuse and dumping and and and… beginning August 2017 the light went on. All of a sudden I was concerned about the waste I was creating, and how I could make our contribution much less. Along with that, I became concerned about all the cleaning products (home and body) that can totally be replaced by homemade natural ones. Monday 14 August I decided to do a blog. i.e jump into a big pool of the unknown, uncomfortable and scary!

I know this isn’t going to just click for everyone. For me it was a definite switch that happened – and it wasn’t someone trying to sway me over or push me to do something I wasn’t interested in or ready for (so im definately not trying to do that), but hopefully, it will spark your heart to be aware of how you live your life – and the possible and simple changes that can to be made to live a more simple, uncluttered, waste-less, budget friendly life.

I am no expert on life and this zero waste drive but I love whats happening around us and I want to be a part of it!

Another 1 or 2 blog posts will feature my longer, more purposeful and God directed journey getting here, which I can’t take any credit for!

So take a dive and let’s do this!

I want to invite you to join my email list community and to please comment and share your own ideas, advice and experiences.