5 reasons to wash dishes with egg shells!

wash dishes with eggs shells

You know you get that stubborn grime on your dishes right!

You know you use those icky steel wool or yellow and green sponges to get it off? Don’t they make you squirm everytime you use them thinking of the germs and old food and grossness living inside them! Yes – are you with me!?

Well, that’s reason number 1! Using eggs shells means you use them, and then compost them. No icky grimy sponges.

Reason 2 – egg shells need to be crushed down to compost more effectively and quickely, it will speed up how fast the eggshells break down in the compost.

Reason 3 – You save money! Yes – score we all love saving money right? No, that doesn’t mean you can buy something else that you don’t need to replace it. Less is more people. You don’t need to buy it.

Reason 4 – You are making zero waste but not buying them, using them and throwing them away. Those sponges need to be replaced often if you don’t like the grime that gets stuck in them. If you eat eggs every day that’s the dishes done! If you don’t eat eggs because of allergies or if you are vegan, try using a pineapple top or coconut shells to wash your dishes.

I was asked for a video – so here is it. Let me know what you think!

Reason 5 – you don’t have to try to remember to buy them either. Yeah, I snuck that one in there – but if you are like me unless I write stuff down I forget and that’s frustrating.

If you are looking for a chemical free item as your dishwashing liquid – vinegar will do the trick just fine! That’s less buying as well. Vinegar can be used for many home cleaning functions as well. So you buy a big jug and then re-fill it and you don’t need to buy other cleaning chemicals! Maybe another article for another day. Just putting it out there.

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