10 Tips for a waste free braai or party

Hands up if you are braaing tomorrow 25th September – those of you in SA of course!
Hands up if you still need to do the shopping?
Keep reading either way so you can be prepared for next time you go for or host a braai. We all love a get together with friends and family right!

I have a few ideas and tips on how to make it as waste-free as possible. Some are super easy that it won’t take much at all and some may be more difficult. Read them all and see how you can do.

Meat– Consider taking your own container to get the steaks, sosaties, worse or chops. You should be able to do this at any butcher just ask them to tare the container first.package free chickenpackage free meat
I got these chicken wings yesterday at Foodlovers and they were cheaper to get them in my container!!!
Drinks – try getting drinks that are packaged in glass. Comment below for drinks you may know of that come in glass.
Another idea is to buy some lemons in your own bags and make lemonade with some fresh mint! I’m sure your neighbour has some mint or lemons – ask them and then invite them to the braai too!
Rolls – bring your own bag for these,  pillowcases work well if you don’t have the lightweight drawstring bags.
Salad – you can ‘make your own salad‘ at foodlovers market in the help-yourself sections, just bring your own big Tupperware and tare it first!
Pudding – fruit salad – buy  the fruit in your own bags. Do you have lots of t-shirts that don’t get worn? You can transform them into bags as well. Here is one that doesn’t need any sewing. You can even use these for all your shopping items as well.
Snacks – I know this is going to be a tough one! Did you know that chip packets are not recyclable!!!! They go straight to the dump! The same goes for a lot of snacks wrappers. Consider dried fruit or peanuts – actually anything from the Foodlovers dispensers for that matter! Popcorn is another idea, as well as to make your own cheesy snacks.
Cuttlery and crockery – this one is easy – if you think about it – you don’t even need to buy anything, just use your own plates and cups instead of buying ones that go straight to the trash!! If you really must use paper plates or cups try biodegradable ones like these.
Serviettes – this is a single use item – it’s a term for items that we use for no more than 10 seconds and then throw it away – and the purpose of it is – to throw it away! Solutions: a washbasin for sticky fingers or proper material napkins!
Firelighters – find Green Lite Eco Fire Lighters which are 100% paraffin free, have a low odour and are made from recyclable materials, vegetable oils and natural colourants. Find a stockist near you.
Washing up – use this Triple Orange cleaning gel – it will definately get you more eco friendly points.

Have fun! and spread the word at the party on how you did your part on helping to save the planet!

Those are just a few ideas I had on my mind that I had to post about! Comment with more ideas, please!!!